• 2387cc Big Power Turnkey Engine Giveaway
  • TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop as a promotional Giveaway, will be giving away a 2387cc 48IDA Turn Key Engine and a Wright Gear Box Trans with the purchase of a 5 sticker pack this year. The tickets will be issued starting in January 2015 till June 14 2015 when the winner will be announced. The winner will be announce live and in public at the VTO/Just Cruzin annual El Prado Show & Shine Volkswagens in the meadow car show held at The Prado Regional Park in Chino Ca. Thelab will be in attendance for the VTO BLACKSTAR CAMP OUT at the same location from June 10th 14th, where the engine will be on display.
    The following are the giveaway rules. Please be advised that the rules are final and cannot be changed. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Raffle Rules
  • 1: GIVEAWAY ENTRY:With the purchase of a 5 sticker pack of $30 each TAX INCLUDED for California residents. You will receive a receipt for your purchase and an entry ticket for the grand prize give away and there is no limit to that amount someone wishes to purchase. NOTE: SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. By accepting to purchase a 5 sticker pack you will have a fair chance to win the grand prize. However if you wish to purchase stickers without entering the giveaway you are welcome to do so. When you officially purchase a 5 sticker pack and the purchase is confirmed, your ticket will be entered into the drawing. By purchasing a 5 sticker pack you agree to all the terms and rules of the drawing. No exceptions shall be made. There will be no further give away beyond June 14th 2015.

    2: PURCHASING: When you purchase the 5 sticker pack you will be issued a ticket for the grand prize if you choose to receive. The 5 pack, Can be purchased by either, in person at the shop, by phone, or through our email thelabaircooled@yahoo.com, or mailing in a personal check. Checks must clear, or purchase is disqualified. If you purchase a sticker pack by mail or email you must send us your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPONE # and EMAIL ADDRESS. When you purchase your stickers we must receive confirmation of your payment. If you purchase the stickers in person, you will be given a ticket on the spot. If you are out of state or out of the country, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and you will be mailed your 5 sticker pack and will be sent a picture of your ticket with the entry number.

    3. DRAWING: The winner of the prize shall be announced live and in public at the VTO/Just Cruzin El Prado Show & Shine, Volkswagen in the meadows car show.

    4. WINNERS: For local winner, you will be able to claim your prize on the day of the drawing if you are present at the location where the drawing was held, or in person at TheLab. Transportation/shipping of the engine/prize must be arranged by the winner. For out of state and out of the country winners, you must make your own arrangements to pay for shipping. However, TheLab will assist you in making logistical shipping arrangements. Note: shipping will be at the expense of the winner. CLAIMING: in order to claim your prize you must have a record of either a live ticket or emailed picture of the ticket. Your personal information must match our records. You will be asked to confirm identity.

    5. UNCLAIMED PRIZE: If on the day of the drawing, or soon thereafter the identity of the winner is not located or the winner does not come forth. The winner will have no more than 30 Days to claim their prize. We will continue to attempt to locate the winner of the prize. However, if we cannot do so, a new ticket will be drawn and a new winner shall be announced, immediately following the 30 days.

    6. ALTERNATE PRIZE: The Giveaway drawing is for the grand prize of a 2387cc Big Power Turkey Engine and the winner is entitled to do as they please with their prize. However, if the winner finds that the Giveaway engine is not to their preference TheLab will be willing to supply an alternative engine more suitable to the winners needs. Special arrangements shall be made to accommodate the winner with a prize of the same or lesser value.

    7. ELIGIBILITY: Must be 18+ yrs of age. Individuals not eligible for this drawing shall be employees and family members to TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop.

    NOTE: please be on the lookout for special Giveaway announcement on the Thelab Instagram page @vicbuilt TheLab website www.socalthelab.com and TheLab YouTube page: TheLab AirCooled Speed Shop. please be on the lookout for special raffle announcement on the Thelab Instagram page @vicbuiltTheLab website www.socalthelab.com and TheLab YouTube page: TheLab AirCooled Speed Shop.

    CONTACT INFO: TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop 5482 Arrow Hwy, Unit C Montclair Ca 91763
    Shop:(909) 982-6314
    Cell:(909) 900-0804